About Us


Our passion? To make your Niue holiday experience one that you’ll never forget.


You may come to Niue as a stranger, but you’ll leave as part of the family.


When it comes to finding the perfect accommodation option for your stay in Niue, we hear you. We know what you need.

From humble beginnings.....

In fact, we even built it for you.

Niue is a small island nation of approximately 1,200 people. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows each other; where generosity and kindness is a way of life; and the homes are as charming and inviting as the people who live in them.

That’s why we built Taloa Heights: To embrace the beauty and simplicity of island living. To bring a sense of local hospitality and comfort to visitors. To share our home with you.

Thoughtfully designed and built by the Nemaia family, and we warmly welcome you to Taloa Heights; a collection of unique holiday rentals conveniently located in Niue’s capital, Alofi.

We help international visitors to make the most out of their stay in paradise by providing modern, self-contained fales with traditional Niuean touches.

Originally built as a ‘home away from home’ during frequent trips back to the island from New Zealand, our first unit gained the attention of residents and tourists alike. People were drawn to the simple, yet charming design and the well-appointed cabin with sweeping coastal views.

We soon found ourselves inundated with requests to lease out the unit as a holiday rental, as an alternative to staying in a resort. We saw there was an opportunity for visitors to experience authentic island-style accommodation (with a few modern touches and conveniences), so we got busy building…and the rest, as they say, is history!

Taloa Heights first opened its doors to visitors in 2014 and has since expanded to include eight free-standing units and a private swimming pool.

When you stay at Taloa Heights, you’re essentially moving in to your own little Niuean home. Private, comfortable, welcoming. And all within a close-knit community so you can experience living amongst locals. Just the way a visit to Niue should be.


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